Aluminium Parts

Extruded Profiles, Forged Parts, Machining, Bending, Anodizing, Polishing, Powder Coating.

Sample selection of aluminum parts:

  • 1Assembled aluminum ladder for swimming pool.
  • Extruded aluminum profile for carpet rim with rills.
  • Aluminum profiles for hard drive component.
  • Heatsinks made of aluminum profile.
  • Machined aluminum components.
  • Aluminum sheet metal components.
  • Aluminum Parts Machined
  • Extruded and machined aluminum profiles, as cover for loudspeakers.
  • Aluminum profiles for component in computer hard drives.
  • Aluminum profiles for construction and furniture applications.
  • Aluminum covers for portable USB hard drive.
  • Aluminum profiles surface treated using color anodization.
  • metal-piece
  • tools
  • color-metal

Manufacturing Services