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What is a digital prototype?

A digital prototype is a fully detailed computer-aided design (CAD) of your product, which allows us to design, iterate, optimize, validate, and visualize your products digitally, throughout the product development process. It will include details such as material selection, assembly details, OEM components, surface finishing, color, material properties…etc.
Digital Prototyping goes beyond simply creating product designs in 3D. It allows our engineers to give a way to assess the operation of moving parts, to determine whether or not the product will fail, and see how the various product components interact. By simulating and validating the real-world performance of a product design digitally, WB Engineering can reduce the number of physical prototypes needed before a product can be manufactured.

What does this mean?

This is what differentiates WB Engineering from other product design companies. While these companies use the traditional product design process which is DESIGN-BUILD-TEST-FIX (Many times over). WB Engineering, instead uses Digital Prototyping which changes the traditional product design cycle to DESIGN-ANALYZE-TEST-BUILD
Studies show that by using Digital Prototyping to catch design problems upfront, manufacturers experience fewer changes orders downstream. Because the geometry in digital prototypes is highly accurate, companies can check interferences to avoid assembly issues that generate change orders in the testing and manufacturing phases of development.Companies can also perform simulations in early stages of the product development cycle, so they avoid failure modes during testing or manufacturing phases. With a Digital Prototyping approach, companies can digitally test a broader range of their product’s performance. They can also test design iterations quickly to assess whether they’re over- or under-designing components.

Why do you need a design with this level of detail?

Studies show that by using Digital Prototyping to catch design problems upfront, manufacturers experience fewer change orders downstream. If all possible, WB Engineering leaves little to chance. With products as simplistic as a cell phone case to medical devices, the same due diligence is taken. We have the ability to analyze your part digitally to ensure the product will perform under stress, find failure points, optimize for manufacturability to cut cost and improve product performance, …etc. This level of detail gives your project a much higher level of success because there will be less errors, more efficiency and shorter lead times when you manufacture your product, in turn saving a significant amount of money and time.

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